New 2017 Kroll Report on Bribery and Corruption – Reputation Risks

Kroll Report: only 37% of CFOs maintain active role in developing their anti-bribery and corruption programs. 

Big investments into anti bribery programs is showing a decrease in company’s perceived ABC regulatory risks (Anti Bribery & Corruption) but as the very title of the report indicates the reputational risk to a firm still remain high. A company’s reputation can be at risk even if all practical compliance was met and it is this risk that will be top of mind among the board of directors. Goldman Sachs estimated that reputational risks far outweighed the regulatory aspects. 

As Matt Kelly from Radical Compliance points out, “boards now see compliance risk as a component of the reputation harm they want to avoid at all cost” 

Find the 2017 ABC Kroll Report here